Each of us was at some point in your place – anewly-minted student, confused about the summer to come and with ultimate dreams to travel. 

Student Travel has been with each of us, that's why we chose to stay in the team and to help them and others to gather American stories. There are no written novels or shot blockbusters about us. We are not talked about in the Parliament or at scientific conferences. That's because our job is to make sure that YOU to live three months like in the movies: surrounded by the skyscrapers, mustangs and American Flags.

This is our story, how it all started, how we started to change the destinies of students from Moldova towards a more beautiful and brilliant future.

Since 2007, when we opened our first office in Chisinau, we wanted to give young people from Moldova another possibility to create their future. We have devoted body and soul to find the best cultural exchange programs for all students who wish to travel in America and not only there.

As a result, there have been introduced the programs Work and Travel USA, Work in France, Internship in Australia, Internship & Career Training USA. With the help of these programs, we managed to feel the emotional experience of each participant, we managed to merge the horizons of several continents helping young people in Moldova to see life through the lens of the beauty of different countries. We are proud to have the baton towards the future ;)

Currently, with the help of Student Travel, thousands of students travel to America, France, Australia, enriching their knowledge about these beautiful countries.

This is the story of us and we are proud of it ;)