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Paris, Nice, and any of the provinces of France can be a host for you in this summer. Each candidate will be able to opt for the job within the hotel chains, catering or selling.

A few words about

Bonjour, chers amis! Work and Travel is not just the American story. If you are inspired more by an adventure on the shores of the most romantic countries in the world, then you know that we have some offers in France.

Whether you want to lose yourself among the thousands of people that live in French megacities, or whether you want to breathe the clean air of the mountains or the sea during a summer, the team of Student Travel will help you to spend a dream summer in the country of Molière. We're waiting for you at our office to discuss the details.

“Work in France” is a cultural exchange program that is conducted during the summer holidays and is intended for full-time/part-time students, and the 4 year students at the college, and all young people aged 18 to 26 years, who hold Romanian citizenship. Thus, having average knowledge of the French language, you have the opportunity to spend the summer in Paris or in the provinces of France, discovering the French culture, improving knowledge of the language, offering in addition to the opportunities implied by the gain (from 9.67 €/h, tip is possible), the advantage of getting to know people and new places from the perspectives of the ordinary citizen rather than that of the tourist. This program gives you the possibility to feel free, to make French friends and of other nationalities, to get a significant work experience in Europe.

Required documents

Required documents

For the participation in the program you need:

  • Copy of the identity card (2 copies);
  • Copy of the foreign passport (1 copy);
  • Copy of the student’s card (2 copies);
  • Copy of the birth certificate (1 copy);
  • Student’s certificate;
  • 1 ordinary full length photo (in electronic format);
  • 1 photo 3x4 (smiling);
  • 1 photo 2x2,5;
  • CV in English with photo (3x4) included in electronic format;
  • Letter of motivation to the potential employer (in French);
  • Letter of motivation to the sponsor (in French).

Including program

  • Interview in French with representatives of "Centre d'Echanges Internationaux" for acceptance into the program;
  • Labor contract;
  • Work permit (if applicable);
  • Invitation to CEI;
  • Postal payment;
  • Medical insurance during your stay (worth € 30,000);
  • ISIC card;
  • Programme Guide "Work in France";
  • Orientation sessions for departure to France;
  • Support from the sponsor throughout your stay in Paris.
  • Be more than a tourist, traveling, working and knowing French culture.