Student Travel

Work & Travel

Dear new friend, if you don't know what it's cool, bro, dude, awesome and party till you drop, then the Work and Travel program would be able to bring you many surprises.

In a few words

These four months that you will spend in the U.S.A. will change not only the impressions about how people can be (smiling, very impressive, of all colours and cultures), but will also develop the capacities of knowledge of the English language and of the values of a western world situated so far from us. Very many students come to the U.S.A. with only a vague idea of the job which they will have during three months, and return home with thousands of photos, dozens of new friends, laptops, cameras and even money in addition to dwell a few months without a worry in Moldova. Work & Travel may be the most beautiful event of your life, if you can plan it in time and have the right expectations. Be careful, many apply having in their minds only the idea of Travel, but like anywhere else you must first participate in the Work. So, from May until September, you will learn how you can start a life from zero in a foreign country, without the need for the efforts that a lot of people make: we take care of your comfort.


We would like each to be able to participate in the Work and Travel program, there are certain conditions of participation.

It's fairly obvious that you have to be a full-time student. The licence students, master students and doctoral candidates aged 18 to 28 years old are admitted for enrollment as well. However each case is unique, that's why we recommend you to visit one of the offices of Student Travel to talk to a member of our team, so the decision to participate in the program to be an informed one and leaving you with high hopes for the summer that you want to spend in the U.S.A.

Let's not forget that the knowledge of the English language is important as well. But we can help you here, too;)

Team of Student Travel will make every effort together with you for your student experience to be the most pleasant one and with as many memories as possible, so that the evenings spent with friends to start always with "and he/she says, what else have you discovered in America?"


To be eligible for the program, students must:

  • Have at least 18 years;
  • Teach at a state university or state accredited private. Duration of studies must be less than 2 years. Students enrolled in master classes that last for at least two years may also be accepted;
  • Able to live in an English speaking environment;
  • Support a personal interview in English with a Student Travel Representative;
  • Students studying outside the Republic of Moldova can participate in the program as long as they comply with eligibility requirements. They will apply to visas in the country where they study.

For more details, talk to a representative student travel.